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Who Are e-Pharmacy?

In today’s digital age, the way we access healthcare services is evolving – and e-Pharmacy is at the forefront of this transformation! 

We offer an online service that makes obtaining medications and treatments not just easier, but faster, safer, and more accessible than ever before! We ensure that patients across the UK have immediate access to a wide range of medications and treatments for various health conditions. Whether it’s managing chronic illnesses or seeking quick relief for acute symptoms, as an online NHS-licensed pharmacy, we make getting your regular prescriptions easy! Simply nominate e-Pharmacy as your regular pharmacy and we’ll do the rest, shipping your medication to your door with tracked delivery when it is due. We do this all completely free-of-charge to you! 

Our process seamlessly connects you to the products you need quickly, and our dedicated team of registered UK pharmacists will dispense genuine medications from our pharmacy that will arrive in discreet, secure packaging delivered to your door. We also offer a comprehensive list of over-the counter medication, as well as a private online doctor service under our partner brand e-Surgery.  

Our Parent Brands

At the heart of our services are our parent brands, e-Surgery and Evaro, each playing a pivotal role in our ecosystem to ensure we deliver the best in healthcare services and products. 


e-Surgery is our private prescription service offering a confidential and convenient way for patients to access their treatments. Everything is completed seamlessly online, by filling out your medical history and requesting a treatment through our online consultation. This service is well suited for patients needing treatments that might not be offered on the NHS.  By prioritising patient privacy and convenience, healthcare becomes more accessible than ever before! 


Evaro is the business-to-business arm, providing products and services through brands that consumers trust. Evaro focuses on efficiency, quality and innovation, helping to streamline online healthcare and make it more accessible. This commitment to supporting the healthcare industry underpins our collective effort to improve patient care and outcomes. 

The collaboration between e-Pharmacy, e-Surgery, and Evaro represents our unique approach to healthcare. This unique combination of complementary brands makes us perfectly positioned to address the challenges of modern healthcare!

NHS Services

We pride ourselves on our strong partnership with the National Health Service (NHS). This reflects our commitment to adhering to the highest standard of healthcare delivery in the UK. By aligning with the NHS guidelines, we can ensure that our services are not only comprehensive, but also contribute to alleviating the increasing pressure on our NHS system. 

Reducing The Burden 

One of our core objectives is to reduce the strain on the NHS. Our services allow us to provide a broad range of medications directly to both NHS and private patients, easing the demand on NHS resources. This helps streamline the patient journey, making healthcare more accessible and efficient. This not only enhance patient satisfaction, but also supports the NHS’s efforts to deliver care to those in need. 

High Standards 

The NHS license represents e-Pharmacy’s adherence to healthcare regulations and standards in the UK, and patients can trust that the medications and treatments received from us are genuine, safe, and dispensed by qualified healthcare professionals. With regular reviews and updates of our processes, we can guarantee that we provide a service that is not just extremely efficient but also secure and reliable. 


By aligning our operations with the values and standards of the NHS, e-Pharmacy plays a crucial role in the broader healthcare ecosystem. Our initiative to offer accessible, quality medications complement the NHS’ mission to provide excellent care to all. 

Our Objectives 

At e-Pharmacy, we are driven by a set of core objectives that reflect our care dedication to not just meet, but redefine the standards of accessible, sustainable, and responsible healthcare. 

A primary objective is to deliver the highest standard of care to all patients across the UK. We understand that patient expectations are rapidly changing, and we aim to deliver to the high standards you expect!  

Our second goal is to relieve the pressures faced by the National Health Service (NHS) by providing an alternative and efficient route for patients to access medications and healthcare advice. We aim to reduce the number of non-urgent visits, freeing up NHS resources to focus on critical care. Our commitment is to complement the NHS’s efforts, ensuring everyone has access to the care they need, when they need it. 

Sustainability is also at the heart of everything we do – we: 

  • Are powered by renewable energy servers and get a large part of our energy from renewable sources such as solar panels. 
  • Have developed a completely paperless prescribing and dispensing pharmacy system. Paper waste has been a serious problem for conventional community pharmacies, and we aim to solve it! 
  • Do not repackage medication (where possible) and ship all our orders in recyclable and biodegradable packing.  
  • Have strict recycling rules for any waste we do generate.  
  • Deal with responsible companies as partners and always look for ways to improve our sustainability.  
  • Lead by example, showing that healthcare can be delivered efficiently without compromising on environmental responsibility. 

We also want to ensure that accessibility is a key part of our service. We believe that everyone should have easy access to healthcare products and services, regardless of their location or circumstances. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that navigating our range of products and services is straightforward for all. By breaking down barriers to healthcare access, we empower our customers to take control of their health with confidence and ease. 

Awards & Recognition 

Our journey has involved continuous innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and an unwavering focus on patient care. These efforts have not only helped our customers but have also been recognised by the industry. The dedication we have to enhancing the healthcare experience has earned us award and is a testament to our team’s hard work. 

We have recently won the prestigious Agile Business Award 2024, recognising our rapid growth and adaptability in the digital health space. 

The patient care team’s excellence has also been recognised with reviews that highlight out commitment to providing outstanding service. Our consistent five-star ratings on Trustpilot and similar platforms are a result of our team’s dedication to supporting our customer’s health and wellbeing.