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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Women’s Health?

Women’s health is simply healthcare that affects most women, for example contraception, period health, UTI’s and general well-being. Period pain and contraception can cause discomfort and some women find these topics embarrassing to discuss, which is why online pharmacies such as e-Surgery provide a safe place to discuss women’s health issues.


What Is Contraception?

Contraception is either a device or method which helps to stop you from getting pregnant. These come in a variety of forms, including oral pills, mechanical barriers, such as condoms, injections, implants and patches.

Can I Order Contraception Online?

If you have previously been prescribed contraception by your doctor or GP, our prescribers can provide you with a private online prescription for your contraception. Allowing you to have your medication delivered to you without the hassle of going to a pharmacy.


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